About Larson Brasswerks

My search for a trumpet versatile enough to fit my playing needs goes back to my early days in Los Angeles. I had a Bach Bb and C trumpet and neither of them really “fit me as a player.” I was playing new music at Cal Arts, playing in a Brass Trio that was part of the Los Angeles Music Center “Music Center on Tour”  series, as well as a community orchestra gig and lead trumpet in a big band (the short story is I won the jazz chair in the band, but the lead player decided to take a cruise ship gig). While attending Cal Arts, I purchased a Chicago Benge Trumpet from a friend of mine. It worked well for the commercial stuff and the New Music I was playing.

In the trio I played my Bach C that had been converted to a tunable bell setup. I absolutely loved the blow of the Chicago Benge,  however the sound above mezzo forte really didn’t work in an orchestral situation. I was fortunate to get a long term sub gig with the San Diego Symphony as Assistant Principal after playing a couple of seasons with Pacific Symphony. During my time in San Diego, I purchased a great Mt Vernon Bach Bb. It was at this time I thought if I could ever get the blow of the Benge and the sound of a Bach, I would have my perfect trumpet.

In 1990 I went to work for Bob Malone’s Brass Technology first in Larry Minick’s  old shop and then in Van Nuys, CA. I continued to do the Opera, Ballet, Broadway Shows and Studio work during the 90’s and was able to test new ideas almost every night at work. I worked for Bob until early 1997 when it was time for me to tool up and open my own shop.

Being the only employee at BrassWerks is great! I get to see every project from start to finish, try new ideas, design new trumpets, lead pipes, mouthpieces, etc. I continue to perform so that I can continually test and evaluate new designs.

My goal is to design a trumpet that fits you at a price point that fits within your budget.

Sincerely,  Ken Larson


Ken Larson