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The New Silver Series Trumpets

The new GFT Silver Series trumpets are what you've been waiting for with excellent tone, playabilty, clarity and the Brasswerks sound that you've been accustomed to. Be one of the first to check it out at the upcoming TMEA, National Trumpet Competition and ITG Conference shows where they will be exhibited along with our other outstanding trumpets.

The GFT Silver Series Epiphany trumpet  comes with a .45 mm side-seam yellow brass  bell. Available with 229 or 239 style bell. The 'C' trumpet with 229 bell comes with a 'O'  hidden reversed leadpipe and square tuning slide. These trumpets are specifically designed for silverplate.  
The GFT Silver Series Bb New York style Reese model comes with a lighter  .45 mm side-seam yellow brassbell with a new bell bend, New York Narrow style tuning slide also in silverplate.
The new Silver Series Piccolo features a lighter .45 bell, redesigned Bb and A pipes, specifically designed for silver-plate.

GFT SIvlerSeries Epiphany 239