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GFT Custom Trumpets

This is where it all began, the big breakthrough in a thoroughly awesome trumpet with amazing sound quality. The GFT was our first trumpet made with a name that stands for, well let's just say it stands for a Great Fenomenal Trumpet (yes - I understand that Fenomenal is misspelled.)  Anyway, we hope you get the picture.  

The GFT is the pinnacle of design with great pitch and excellent response.  The sound is incomparable. It possesses a broad rich sound that has better balance, complexity and richness not heard elsewhere.  Click the above link for more on our latest GFT XK trumpet and GFT SS trumpet.

For Rotary Valve or Piccolo Trumpets please see Other.
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Contact Ken about his ever continuing line of exceptional trumpets including the GFT "R" , SS,  Epiphany and more.  
*The side seam bell is also available on the standard GFT line at an additional cost.

Exceptional trumpets and products for exceptional sound and performance!