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"Ken's latest piccolo trumpet is one of the most versatile trumpets I own. It allows me to play light and delicate for orchestral Bach, yet can soar with full-bodied sound on Stravinsky 'Rite'. Dynamic range seems limitless. Responsive, articulate, and great intonation! 'Penny Lane' is not something for me to fret over anymore!!! Masterful work, Ken!!!!!
I mean every word!"
-Tom Drake, Associate Principal Trumpet, Saint Louis Symphony B.M., Trumpet Performance, Eastman School of Music

"...I can not be more pleased with the new GFT C trumpet you built me. She plays wonderfully at all dynamics from pp to ff without altering in sound quality and the general feel is free blowing and an exceptional tone quality that I didn't get from my previous trumpets. She plays with a big lyrical sound and just sings in all registers with slots from one note to the other comparable to a violin or piano. I just can not say enough good things about my new GFT C, your work Ken, is just fabulous and a credit to the music profession. They are just wonderful instruments, Bravissimo Ken."
-Steven Craven, AGSM - Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra

"I am really very pleased with the results of your valve alignment on my Mt. Vernon Bach.  I never thought it would slot so beautifully and have such consistency of tonal color across the entire range. The tone is much richer, it responds more consistently, and intonation is greatly improved.  Thanks for your excellent work. You made a nice horn into a quality horn."
- Newell Dayley, Composer and Musician

"I really love my Eb/D trumpet and I use it all the time in the Sarasota Orchestra."
- Michael Dobrinski, Principal Trumpet, Sarasota Orchestra

"Ken is a great trumpet player who demands a lot from his equipment.  His products reflect and meet those demands."
- Rob Frear,  Los Angeles Freelancer

"I never thought I would ever find a better trumpet than the one I have been playing for many, many years.  Although when I tried one of Ken's GFT C trumpets, I noticed an immediate improvement in tuning, response (better slots) + much more colour and depth in my sound.  No matter playing the Mahler, Bruckner, Stravinsky, Mozart, Brahms or recital music, this instrument suits every style of music I have to deal with to do the job, every day of the week.  Playing Ken's trumpet truly gives a new dimension to my playing. Thanks very much Ken!"       
- Arto Hoornweg - Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra/Utrecht School of the Arts-Netherlands

"Hi Ken, Got the pipe and tuning slide. Fantastic. Thank you very much."
- Yoram Levy  - Principal Trumpet, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

"I am happy to say that the GFT Eb trumpet, made by Ken Larson at BrassWerks, is one of the finest Eb trumpets I have ever played.  When I first got the horn I jokingly sent an email to Ken saying that 'there must be something wrong...This horn plays like a trumpet!'  All the elements are there with this trumpet, the sound, intonation and scales are wonderful and the resistance is just right for me to use it independently as the Eb solo instrument or as a substitute for my C trumpet in recording situations. Also... the adjustable receiver, to change the mouthpiece gap, is a great tool to add to an already great instrument.  Thanks Ken for exactly what I've been looking for."
- Jon Lewis - Los Angeles Recording Musician

"In general, instrumentalists want an instrument that fits like a comfortable slipper. You really need to find an instrument that is comfortable to the individual player. This is a big reason why Ken's trumpets are so unique and valuable - because they are built to the individual's needs.
Specifically, my experience as a trumpet player has always been to look for a great sounding instrument and this search has led me to try and own several vintage instruments. For me some of the old Mt. Vernon, Burbank Benge and Besson instruments have such a beautiful sound that it inspires both the player and listener. But more often than not, certain things are not so easy to play on these instruments, even if you can find one in good playing condition (problems with intonation and eveness in all ranges for example). I've often felt that the new, precision built instruments available the last few years play with fantastic ease and intonation but the sound is sometimes limited in it's spectrum. For a very reasonable price Ken truly has put together trumpets with the heart and soul of the old classics and the precision and ease of the new top line instruments. In my view he has succeeded in finding the perfect balance between Art and Science!!! Lucky for us trumpet players!!"
- Mark Lord - Former principal trumpet Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, Relief Trumpet Player for the Reno MGM Hello Hollywood Show and currently a Reno freelance musician and teacher.

"Best D/Eb I have ever played!!"  "The rich sound that you get from this D/Eb is great for solos, whether you are playing in an orchestra or in front of one.  Awesome craftsmanship. Thanks Ken!"
- Barry Perkins - Principal Trumpet, Pacific Symphony

"Ken Larson's GFT trumpets are among the very finest made today.  I have three of them  (the Bb, C, and Eb/D) and they all share the superior qualities that Ken's instruments are well known for:  excellent pitch, great tonal balance, and accurate response.  These are truly 'musical instruments' and assist the player in creating artistic performances.  I couldn't be more pleased."
-  Roy Poper - Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Studio Trumpeter and Professor of Trumpet, Oberlin Conservatory.

"Ken is a truly gifted trumpet player & an insightful designer..." "He has experienced every form of trumpet playing at a very high level.  He intuitively knows what it is you are going through and he does know how to adjust your instrument to make it work for you. Ken takes the time to make sure your instrument is done right."
- Mike Zonshine - Former Principal Trumpet, Honolulu Symphony Orchestra

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