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CUSTOM GFT ROTARY VALVE TRUMPETS - now available in Bb and C. These trumpets play like a piston trumpet with great pitch while they maintain the fluidity and sound of a rotary valve. Call or E-mail us for details.

CUSTOM GFT 4 VALVE PICCOLO TRUMPETS - This piccolo is absolutely top of the line in sound and performance. It has the same great GFT sound qualities in a compact package. In our opinion and many others, this is the best sounding piccolo trumpet on the market today!

CUSTOM GFT 'c' CORNET.  Now available!!  The new GFT "C" Cornet was recently developed with BrassWerks excellent craftmanship and engineering for an outstanding instrument!

OTHER SERVICES - BrassWerks offers other services such as precision valve alignments, cleaning, repairs and restorations.    

TRUMPET LESSONS  - If you would like to study with Ken via Skype, please give us a call  or email us.

Contact us for details.